May 01, 2021 2 min read

At MBDY + be we strive to maintain an open, inclusive, and safe studio for all who want to walk through our doors. While we are moving in the right direction in our efforts to protect our community from the risk of Covid-19 infection, there is still work to do.  We have taken many precautions to keep you safe and comfortable while in our space. 

We have increased sanitation efforts that include using Virucide to clean our studio and equipment. Equipment is cleaned between each class, and a full studio cleaning is done between morning and evening classes. We have installed a UV light and HEPA filter in our HVAC system.  And we have two doors that flank our studio that allows for a complete cross breeze.  

 We are fortunate to be in a community that sees the benefit of being fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and all who are eligible for a vaccine now have the opportunity to be vaccinated. We believe that our studio space is a safe space with a supportive community.

 With all of this in mind and new guidelines being released from the CDC we feel that it is the right time to allow for personal risk assessment.

 We ask that you enter our space with a mask and keep your mask secured until you are in your workout area for classes that use a mat. If you are fully vaccinated you may remove your mask once in your workout area or on your mat.  We ask that if you are moving about the studio to reapply your mask. We understand that you may be more comfortable wearing a mask throughout our classes and we fully support that decision. 

 We will continue to have indoor and outdoor class options.  We want to offer you the best fit for your personal situation and risk assessment.  

Here is some helpful information from the CDC about what is safe to do once you are fully vaccinated. If you have questions or concerns, please email us at