May 20, 2020 2 min read

This remedy was originally shared by community member Stacy Wadman on our Let's Just Be Facebook Group. Please note this isn't medical advice and we rather want you to embrace and explore the power of nature to help you while advising you always consult with your physician or naturopath of choice before trying a new remedy. Beware that this remedy includes essential oils known for being allergens.The recipe has been edited to fit this format.




Happy Day Beautifuls!

I just wanted to share an amazing sore knee remedy for anyone who might suffer from knee pain. I have arthritic knees and my left knee suffers a double whammy with pain from an ACL repair. I hate pain meds of all kinds and don't like to take anti-inflammatory drugs either. So! I went old school and was blown away with the results that had me back on the dance floor in no time.

And now...the wonder therapy!


You need to have:

  • High-quality organic cold-pressed Castor oil and the following high-quality essential oils: Wintergreen, Marjoram, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus
  • Wool flannel or cotton flannel (no dyes). I bought some cotton flannel at the local fabric store. You will wrap your knees with it so get at least a couple of yards
  • Cellophane wrap (enough to go around each knee a few times)
  • Heating pad



Let's get to the action:

  1. Cut the wool flannel into strips the width of your knee, long enough to wrap the knee completely around.

  2. Massage your knee with an intuitive mixture of Castor and essential oils. The Castor is your base oil, so go heavier on that, and add about 5 drops each of the essential oils depending on your level of pain.

  3. Saturate the flannel strip of fabric with more Castor oil. I drizzled the goop across the cloth.

  4. Then wrap your knee in the cloth all the way around.

  5. Take the cellophane and wrap it all the way around your knee until the flannel wrap is completely covered.


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Featured Photo by: Samantha Hurley