January 11, 2020 2 min read

It's our least favorite time of the year when the rent goes up and so must our rates. To make up for the changes we are giving everyone the opportunity to lock in our 2019 pricing before February first. If you are already an Unlimited member, no changes apply to you.
Here is all the information you need to know:
  • Our First Class Free offer will be for San Diego County locals only. Must present a valid ID with a local address to apply.
  • Our $49 Unlimited Month intro offer will end on 2/1/2020. 
  • If you buy our $49 intro offer before 2/1 you will have the opportunity to purchase the $115 monthly autopay price with a three-month commitment.
  • NEW INTRO OFFER: $35 Unlimited classes for two weeks will begin on 2/1/20. You must be new to the studio and local to San Diego and present a valid local ID.
  • NEW! Early commitment $125 Monthly Unlimited rate (when you sign up before your Intro offer ends). Begins 2/1/2020
  • The non-early commitment pricing for Unlimited Monthly classes will be $135.
  • Class cards remain the same pricing
  • NEW! Student and Veteran pricing. With valid/current ID you can get a 10 class card for only $125
  • NEW! New mothers until 2 years postpartum are eligible to buy a class card at the same rate as students and veterans!
  • NEW! Teen Pricing will be the same as adult class pricing.
  • NEW! A class cancelation policy will take effect on Feb 1st. You must cancel your attendance to class at least 12hours in advance or a late fee (TBD) will be applied to your account. This to ensure we are respecting every member's time and opportunity to attend our most popular classes.