February 01, 2021 1 min read

As we complete the first half of 2021 and emerge from a time of introspection, reclaiming, and let’s be honest - detoxing - we have an opportunity to clearly define our path. When we started Be. Move Dance Connect in 2018, we had a vision of creating an inclusive and supportive community that offered an opportunity to Be.  As we saw the world change quickly around us, we felt the need to be even more inclusive and more clear with our message. The first step on our journey was to learn to Be, and now we are ready to evolve and explore what we choose to MBDY (embody).  

We are an eclectic community who come together to share

Movement, Barre, Dance, and Yoga.  

And so you will begin to see a few changes as we continue to evolve.  

As a community of individuals that embody the courage, strength, and grace of feminine power regardless of gender - we are not exclusive or elitist.  We choose to move through life with open hands and open hearts.  All are welcome to come and explore what it is to MBDY + Be. We connect and support one another on our own unique paths that intersect at Be. 

We invite you to MBDY + Be.